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James J. Belden summer home 2 -

Hon. James J. Belden Summer Home – Round Island – 1000 Islands

Round Island Park Becomes Home To Baptist Cottage Community, Hon. James J. Belden Cottage Aside from the Frontenac Hotel, Round Island was, and remains, home...
J. T. Ross Fruits Oyster House at Washington Hall -

Washington Hall (1853 – 1913)

Gilbert & Walter Woodruff Build Washington Hall, Later Given To Y.M.C.A. By John A. Sherman Back around the mid-19th century, before Washington Hall opened in...
171 Mullin St. orignally built on Arsenal Street Watertown NY -

Orren G. Staples, From Watertown & 1000 Islands to Washington, D.C.

Watertown’s Orren G. Staples, An Influential Hotelier From 1000 Islands to Washington, D.C. A descendent of Scottish Nobles, Orren G. Staples wasn’t one to rely...
C. T. Sacket House -

Sacket House – 451 Broadway – Cape Vincent – 1000 Islands

Cornelius T. Sacket, Son of Famous Gen. Delos B. Sacket, Builds Historic Sacket House On St. Lawrence River In 1904 Built on the shores of...
Snow drifts Blizzard of 1993 -

Blizzard of 1993: The Storm of the Century

The Blizzard of 1993 May Not Have Been the Storm of the Century in Northern New York, But it was for the East Coast The...
Image 3 6 23 at 6.16 AM -

The Legend of Huckleberry Charlie (1843 – 1921)

Huckleberry Charlie: The Sage Of Pine Plains Was One of a Kind Charles R. Sherman, better known as Huckleberry Charlie, was born February 15, 1843,...
Fine View house -

Fine View House – Wellesley Island – 1000 Islands

Built Originally As Wellesley House, Fine View House Was Lost In 1914 Blaze Completed in 1880-81 by Stubbs & Woodard of Carthage, N.Y., the Fine...
Jefferson County Orphanage 4 1920s -

Jefferson County Orphan Asylum (est. 1859)

The Jefferson County Orphan Asylum Found a New Name, And Home, In 1864 Before becoming the Jefferson County Orphan Asylum in 1864, when its new...
Northern New York Bigfoot Sightings -

Bigfoot Sightings in 1970s Northern New York

Bigfoot was Everywhere in the 1970s and 80s, Including in Northern New York The legendary Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot, shot in Northern California’s Bluff Creek...
32298371 -

Deer Island – Skull and Bones – 1000 Islands

Yale Alumnus George Douglas Miller Bequeaths Deer Island To Skull and Bones Upon Death, Decades After Secret Society Established Deer Island Club Association There In 1908...

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