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Jefferson County Orphanage 4 1920s -

Jefferson County Orphan Asylum (est. 1859)

The Jefferson County Orphan Asylum Found a New Name, And Home, In 1864 Before becoming the Jefferson County Orphan Asylum in 1864, when its new...
Northern New York Bigfoot Sightings -

Bigfoot Sightings in 1970s Northern New York

Bigfoot was Everywhere in the 1970s and 80s, Including in Northern New York The legendary Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot, shot in Northern California’s Bluff Creek...
32298371 -

Deer Island – Skull and Bones – 1000 Islands

Yale Alumnus George Douglas Miller Bequeaths Deer Island To Skull and Bones Upon Death, Decades After Secret Society Established Deer Island Club Association There In 1908...
Frank Sinatra 22Watertown22 Concept Album -

Frank Sinatra – Watertown (1970)

Frank Sinatra’s Concept Album Watertown Was A Flop Upon Release, But Now Regarded As One Of His Best Works Released in 1970, approximately one year...
Eveleigh House in the 1900s -

Eveleigh House – Sackets Harbor (1844 – 1920)

Ambrose Doge Builds 30-Bedroom Eveleigh House In 1844 Sackets Harbor Constructed and opened in 1844 by Ambrose Dodge, the Eveleigh House was one of three...
Cup and Saucer House Firenze Flower Memorial Library -

Cup and Saucer House – Cape Vincent – 1000 Islands

The Fascinating History of the Cup and Saucer House In Cape Vincent, Built For Napoleon c.1818 There’s often a tenuous link between past and present,...
The Chimes Cafe next to the Strand Theater -

Chimes Cafe (1934 – 1983)

The Chimes Cafe Was Located On Franklin Street For Just Shy of 50 Years In the fickle business of restaurants, the first few months often...
Manatoana Wellesley Island -

Cinavo – Manatoana – 1000 Islands

The Summer Home With Many Names, Amongst Them, Cinavo and Manatoana, On Wellesley Island Deva Loca, Forest Cove, Cinavo, and Manatoana, were all names for...
Urban Renwal looking north west Watertown NY 2 -

Watertown Urban Renewal Pt 4 – 1965 – 1968

Watertown Urban Renewal Crawls To The Finish Line As the Watertown Urban Renewal project turned the calendar year into 1965, more questions still floated about...
Ina Island from a postcard -

Ina Island – 1000 Islands

Arthur T. Hagen, of Rochester and a Successful Manufacturer of Laundry Equipment, Builds Palatial Summer Home on Ina Island Nestled amongst the Summerland Group of...

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