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Rose Island 2 -

Rose Island – Idle Isle – 1000 Islands

Cleveland Mayor William G. Rose Builds Mansion On Rose Island – Later Summer Home for Gen. J. Leslie Kincaid In 1880, William G. Rose, former...
Paddock Mansion Winter Scene -

Edwin Paddock Mansion – Jefferson County Historical Society – 228 Washington Street

Edwin Paddock Mansion Becomes Jefferson County Historical Society The Paddock Mansion on Washington Street in Watertown, N. Y., for nearly a century now home to...
Nobby Island Dock and Windmill TI Club -

Thousand Island Yacht Club – Welcome Island – 1000 Islands

The Thousand Island Yacht Club On Welcome Island – Est. 1896 The Thousand Island Yacht Club’s home on Welcome Island began in 1895, when W....
Jefferson County Fair Promenade 1910 -

Jefferson County Fair 1818 – Present

Is The Jefferson County Fair The Longest Consecutively Running Fair At 205 in 2022? The Jefferson County Fair has the distinguish of being the longest...
Boonvile Tornado May 2 1983 Merry Hill Road Gillette residence and barn -

Boonville Tornado – May 2, 1983

F3 Boonville Tornado on May 2, 1983 Caused $15 Million In Damage The Boonville Tornado of May 2, 1983 was part of an outbreak in...
Soldiers and Sailors Monument Covered -

George Cook And The Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Monument (est. 1891)

George Cook And The Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Monument, Dedicated In 1891 The story behind George Cook and his wife, Adeline Granger Cook, gifting the city of...
Carson Mansion Exterior 5 -

Carson Mansion – Ingomar Club (1886 – Present)

The Carson Mansion, Most Photographed Victorian Mansion In The USA? The story of Eureka, California’s Carson Mansion begins with a man’s quest for gold in...
Westminster Park Via NYCRR -

Westminster Park – 1000 Islands

Westminster Park – Est. 1877 On “Wells Island” In 1877, an association was formed to purchase land on the eastern end of Wellesley Island in...
The Sand Flats Carmen Cavallario Anthony Pepp Philip Rizzo -

A Garden Grows In The Sand Flats

Life In The Sand Flats Revolved Around Gardening For Many Italian-American Immigrants In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Sand Flats, an area consisting...
Twin Island 1 -

Twin Island – 1000 Islands

Twin Island – Two Little Islands With Two Big Stars Not too far from Castle Francis and the Thousand Island Park is Twin Island, an...

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